Dynamic Speaking

Dynamic Speaking – Case Study

The Client

This individual was a highly focused, confident, conscientious Executive with a passion to raise the profile and brand of the NHS organisation and himself. Although he had applied for the position of CEO on two previous occasions, he was not offered the appointment. He was now beginning to lose confidence. The position of CEO of a struggling NHS organisation was imminent. He knew, with his skills, vision and capabilities he could successfully turn-around this organisation. He recognised that in order to achieve an offer of appointment as CEO, he would need to raise both his personal brand and presentational impact at the interview and relations with Board Level.

The Requirement

The client was keen to improve his infuencing skills, build his confidence and convey his passion. Following research and detailed discussion with Constance Lamb at Easy Speaking,    it was evident that his presentation and communication skills needed to be more dynamic, powerful and persuasive for such a high profile position.

The goals were set: The individual sought to:

* Be able to speak with more authority and conviction.
* Build confidence and self-belief.
* Influence & persuade the Board that he can deliver a successful, profitable organisation.
* Convey his Vision with passion.

The Solution

Following a detailed one to one scoping session, areas of improvement were identified to improve his Presentational Impact. The coaching provided support that enabled him to speak with clarity, authority, confidence and conviction and offered 5 keys to audience recall. The coaching programme also included Mind-mapping techniques; Identifying and aligning Values; How to answer questions succinctly and in a compelling way. Guidance was also given around Breathing, eye contact, positive body language, clarity and style of language, delivery of presentation.

The Result: The Client was successfully appointed to the role of CEO.