Executive Recruitment & Training Company

Executive Recruitment & Training Company – Case Study

The Client

This individual was a CEO of her own Executive Recruitment & Training Company and had to give a major Keynote Speech at Conference. She is a highly creative, dynamic and successful leader.

The Requirement

The Client’s aim was to enhance the Company’s reputation; be memorable; stand out from the crowd and achieve a competitive advantage.

Following and in-depth one to one scoping session it was evident that her voice was “high-pitched” and had a “little girl” quality that lacked power and authority. Her voice was incongruent with all her business experience and expertise. It was vital that she spoke with clarity and credibility. The goals were set:

  • Be able to speak with more authority, conviction and gravitas
  • Develop a deeper vocal resonance
  • Be a more effective Keynote Speaker
  • Create a more Punchy & Engaging Style
  • Learn the art of storytelling

The Solution

Areas of improvement were identified to improve Personal Presence & Impact. The Client fully embraced the Mentoring process; learning voice and presentation techniques that added to her Professional Skills & capabilities. The Coaching provided support to enrich the voice to convey more power & authority. To speak with greater clarity and to be succinct. Mind-mapping techniques were covered. How to engage the audience through compelling storytelling. Guidance was also given on Voicework, breathing, eye contact, positive body language, clarity, style of language, delivery of presentation and Stage presence.

The Result: The Client’s Keynote Speech was successful. They won a major Business contract, enhanced their Company’s reputation and positioned themselves as prime “mover’s & shaker’s” in their industry.