NHS Confederation

Personal Presence & Impact At National & Political Level NHS Confederation – Case Study

The Client

This individual was a highly creative, dynamic executive with a passion and enthusiasm to raise the profile and brand of the organisation and herself.

The position of CEO of a large organisation in the NHS was coming up in 12 months’ time. Although she had good communication skills she recognised that in order to achieve an offer of appointment as CEO, she would need to raise both her personal brand and presentation impact at meetings, relations with Board Level and interview technique. Raise her personal presence & impact both at National and Political level.

The Requirement

The client was keen to improve her Influencing skills, have more gravitas and to be more succinct.

Following and in-depth one to one scoping session it was evident that her presentation and communication skills neded to be more dynamic and powerful for such a high profile position.

The goals were set:

  • Be able to speak with more authority, conviction and gravitas
  • Inspire her Team
  • Be a more effective Keynote Speaker
  • Influence and persuade the Board, Key Stakeholders at National and Political level.

The Solution

Areas of improvement were identified to improve Personal Presence & Impact.

The Coaching provided support to enrich the voice to convey more power & authority, gravitas and offered 5 keys to audience recall. To speak with greater clarity and to be succinct. Mind-mapping techniques, writing impactful copy to influence and persuade an audience, What makes an effective Slide. Guidance was also given on Voicework, breathing, eye contact, positive body language, clarity and style of language, delivery of presentation, Stage presence.

The Result: The Client was successfully appointed to the role of CEO.