Every CEO, Vice President and Senior Executive knows that public speaking is a crucial skill. Being adequate is not enough for Business Leaders who want to be successful and ensure they have a competitive edge.

Without this one skill, your reputation, credibility, impact and influence can fall at the first hurdle. Failure is not an option.

Over the past 20 years, Constance Lamb, Professional Actress and Public Speaking expert has mentored many Senior Executive Clients to master public speaking. They have greatly enhanced their success, personal brand and earning power.

Working together, you will learn how to be:


Here are 3 examples of Clients I have worked with:

  1. Recently, one of my CEO clients was preparing to give a Keynote Speech at a major conference. The brand and reputation of the Company was at stake. However, she had a tendency to “waffle” in presentations and was effectively losing the audience. After working together on the Elite Executive Mentoring programme she became a confident,concise and compelling speaker. The brand and reputation of the Company was enhanced and they won a major contract.
  2. An Executive Client who was highly focused, confident and consciencious with a passion to raise the profile of the organisation and himself, had applied for the position of CEO. The interview to the Board was imminent. Although he had applied for the position of CEO on 2 previous occasions he was not offered the appointment. Failure this time, was not an option. With the tight time-frame, I recommended the “Communication Crammer” coaching programme. The Client was successfully appointed to the role of CEO.
  3. A Senior Vice President of an international investment bank lacked Impact and Influence. He felt that his voice came across as dull and dreary. His Vision and ideas were highly creative but he would fall flat when communicating them to his colleagues. A vocal critique and analysis was carried out. After working together on the “Compelling Communicator”, he found his voice was more interesting and persuasive. His team noticed and heard the difference and were motivated and inspired to take positive action.

Some other clients I’ve worked with include:

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So, if you absolutely need to be a more Dynamic, Powerful and Memorable Speaker contact me now on: 0208 699 1940.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Constance Lamb M.A.
Founder & Director
Easy Speaking

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