Testimonials – Constance Lamb

“Constance helped me to improve my public speaking and presentation skills. She also promoted mind mapping as a way of preparing for presentations and meetings. She has great enthusiasm and is an expert in her field, teaching me both the basics and also some great tips to improve my presentation skills especially to large audiences, at Conference. I was so impressed with her that I recommended we use her for key members of the Patient Safety First core team who would be addressing large audiences, she was equally highly valued by them.”

Stephen Ramsden OBE, – CEO Luton & Dunstable Foundation Trust

“Constance is great at what she does – she is a professional, credible, and effective coach who delivers great value and exceptional results! She is very client focused and quickly understood me and my needs – voice coaching and greater presentations.Through her clarity, directness (no nonsense!) and humour she helped me become a confident, clear, concise and compelling speaker which enabled me to keep my audience consistently engaged. Expect to be challenged which is how I got my results. It was very experiential and you only get out what you put in – so it’s best to commit to this exercise!”

“Constance is a true expert in her field, knows how to get to the “nub” of what matters with laser-like precision.  We regard her as a Trusted Partner.  What she taught me was a skill I will have for the rest of my life!”

Lynette Deutsch – CEO – Endaba

“The Feedback about the Dynamic Speaking training is extremely good. We have all enjoyed the two-day training session. Constance as a trainer and person is one of a kind, in fact the best we have seen so far. I have always avoided having to give any type of feedback as Head of HR Development, but it would be unjust in this case not to do so. Please give my regards to Constance and pass onto her our gratitude. It was a pleasure to meet her and we look forward to seeing her back in Yemen soon.”

Abdulla Alwadee – Head of HR Development, Yemen LNG

“I am very happy with the content we’ve covered in these coaching sessions. I have worked hard with positive effects. In particular I’ve noticed that I get more attention in the weekly governance meetings than was previously the case. Also the mindmap technique on visual, teleconference and handouts received very positive feedback on the way I ran the meetings and presentation. Many thanks for your efforts, the experience was both challenging and rewarding for me.”

Simon Dewberry – Senior Vice President, Citi Markets & Banking Technology

“I thought Constance was a marvel! Her teaching & coaching techniques were perfect for a creative luvvy like me and over 4 sessions we whizzed through mind mapping, voice control, articulation and most important of all – waffling control. I can’t wait to do the next presentation. She has helped give me confidence and made me more punchy and articulate! I have a big conference at the restaurant show this year and I know this will help.”

Rob Kirby – Director, Lexington Catering

“Thank you so much for the help and coaching that you have given to me over the last year. Thanks to you my technique to prepare and deliver effective speeches has improved significantly. More importantly you have helped to build my confidence. I now relish the opportunity to speak in public and look forward to doing even more speeches in the future. There has also been a knock-on effect to my new business pitches which are now more polished and effective. I have recently received excellent feedback following two speeches and I mean it when I say I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Lin Dickens – Managing Director, Aricotvert

“As the world increasingly demands higher standards of business performance and presentation, I have found Constance’s wealth of knowledge and experience of presenting the best that you can be to the world, immensely rewarding and valuable. She draws on her comprehensive acting and speaking career to coach business executives elegantly and effortlessly to clearer, more confident and certainly more impressive presentation of themselves and their business. I would not hesitate to recommend Constance to any business professional wanting to step up in performance.”

Peter Hobson – Creative Director, Inspiru

“Constance helped me to prepare for a series of presentations I had been asked to make in front of large audiences at Conferences, which were important to my business and career. The preparation was thorough and tailored to my exact needs. Significant time was spent organising the content to ensure maximum impact was delivered both in the message and delivery. I appreciated Constance’s commitment, understanding of my requirements and coaching toward the final goal. Constance was persistent, patient, enlightening and instructive. I delivered a significantly better paper than I could have done prior to her coaching and mentoring. I would strongly recommend her to assist you to improve your presentation performance.”

Diana Spellman – Managing Director, Partners in Purchasing Ltd.

“Constance’s work is brilliant for anyone who needs to communicate well whether on a one to one basis or addressing an audience. My role involves holding regular networking meetings with business women, and also business development workshop training. As well as learning basic tools of good eye contact, maintaining attention, and delivering clear concise information, Constance taught me what is more important is how to use the voice with more authority, creating more impact, staying in control and conveying a positive and powerful message. As a professional actress she brings a new dimension to teaching public speaking – she is a true expert on how to use voice for maximum impact. I know that anyone who does business presentations would benefit from this dynamic and fun way of learning how to improve and enhance their skills. I am very happy to recommend her work. Thank-you Constance!”

Christine Guy-Clarke – Freelance Business Development Consultant, 156 Days